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As a partner of Impart GmbH, a spin-off of the University of Osnabrück, we offer high-performance athletes and coaches a unique mental performance diagnosis that allows them to improve their mental strength in competition.

Scientific studies and competition practice have shown that sporting success is not solely determined by talent, ability and intelligence, but to a high degree by emotional personality competencies. IMPART GmbH is a spin-off of the University of Osnabrück and conveys knowledge about the PSI theory of Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl and offers competitive athletes tests developed at the Department of Personality Psychology at the University of Osnabrück.

The test systems are unique worldwide.

The test procedure was developed over many years by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl, University of Osnabrück, at the Department of Personality Psychology. The test development was based on experiences from his time at Stanford University and the Max Planck Institute in Munich, where Prof. Kuhl dedicated himself to the research area of motivation research.

The personality diagnosis of Prof. Dr. J. Kuhl is currently the only meta-theory in the landscape of scientific psychology. Confirmed scientific findings from different areas of psychology are integrated into a function-analytical approach, for example from the areas of experimental psychology, learning psychology or neuropsychology. The theory of this personality diagnosis, the result of 20 years of scientific work, was published in 2001, the book „Motivation and Personality“ contains about 1200 pages.

We have specialized in offering this unique test exclusively to top athletes and trainers. You can find more information about personality diagnostics at I would be happy to personally present the advantages of mental performance diagnostics to you in a non-binding consultation. If you would like further information in advance, you can also send me an e-mail: