Every second Athletes struggels with mental help issues but don´t want to talk about mental health issues remain largely taboo in elite sport. No Alpha Dog wants to be seen as being soft, weak or a little barking. The outside world sees the fame, the money, all the trappings that go with it, and they say: ‘How is it possible they even can be complaining?’ But a lot of these young athletes are genuinely unhappy.” Elite sport is gradually waking up to widespread mental health issues.

The gamechanger will be a new kind of app with a super low drop out rate which makes you hooked about learning more about your feelings and emotions. Because athletes who know perfectly well the stronger, bigger, faster game have often not the time for patience and slow processes. But the thing is this. There are no 7 hidden secrets to master your mind super fast.

Therefore we have great mental exercices inside the app which helps you sl0wly  learning to let go even if you think you need super fast results. To „sell“ you slowness as the new super hero power we need still more than 12 months to improve the usability and the UX Design for our new mental health app „Happy Today?“ 

We are always looking for athletes as participants. So if you want to profit at once form the great advantages we invide you to your lab team.