Our new mental performance app is the solution for all athletes who want to stop too much thinking with a new scientifically proven method.

Happy Today? is a startup (seed phase) with one simple goal: Making mind control accessible to athletes. It does this through a smartphone application on iOS and Android, with a totally new deep learning algorithm.

The app is full of „guided mental exercises“ with audio sessions and e-learning-tools, where famous sports legends lead listeners on a journey of awesome mental adventures where they learn how to control their minds.

The product is designed in animation and 3D themes from the music world. Its simplicity aims to capture especially users from young age groups who want aiding in focus, but don´t like 2500-year-old Buddhist explanations.

For new investors, we provide a pitch deck with a detailed financial model, market research, advisory board, and technical documentation. Learn more: frank.stockmann@happytoday.app